Our mission is to provide the highest quality transportation service by developing an environment that produces customer care through innovative technologies, quality equipment, fair pricing, operational integrity and a commitment to continuous improvement.



The continued aspiration of developing and maintaining, the highest level of customer service.

The growth and personal fulfillment of our employees through the philosophy of sharing and respect.

The relentless pursuit of dedication to our customer's needs, desires, and business objectives.

The surety of safety through highly trained and experienced professional drivers.

The fulfillment of obligations and duties with integrity, honor and mutual respect to ALL.

Through a long-term commitment to this vision and mission, we will be known as a company that provides our customers with the best resources and services to be prosperous in their chosen industry. Our customers, vendors, and employees will see Tom Donahue Trucking, Inc. As offering value to all of our customers, while providing stability to our employees.


With one truck, one trailer, one customer, and a full load of hard work and determination, Tom Donahue Trucking, Inc. was founded by Tom and Pat Donahue in November 1972.

From those early days when they only operated in the City of Milwaukee, 43 years later, Tom Donahue Trucking has grown to provide transportation solutions to hundreds of local, national, and international partners.

Their son Tom joined them in the mid 1980's and worked his way up from the dock, the truck, the office, and after earning his degree from Marquette University purchased Tom Donahue Trucking Inc. when Tom and Pat retired.

As the 2nd generation Owner and President Tom Jr. has expanded across the country and currently guides the Donahue team with operations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

Donahue History Photos


Learn more about Tom Donahue and his passion for the industry as well as his commitment and dedication to the customers and employees of Tom Donahue Trucking, Inc.

Dedicated to providing our Partners with creative and customized transportation solutions to support all of your supply chain and logistical needs.

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